So That’s Why They Say You Should Exercise

March 10, 2014 § 2 Comments

March 10, 2014

I made it to hot yoga at nine in the morning on the day of the time change!

A little loopy, a little dazed, but I made it!

A little loopy, a little dazed, but I made it!

This is a big deal to me because this Sunday marked the second straight week that I have been consistent and dedicated in my workouts. For the first time in, like, years.

A few years ago, I regularly worked out six to seven days a week. And I had the goods to show for it. I would put on a pair of short shorts without a second thought.

Then a series of issues and injuries—lower back pain, messed-up Achilles tendons, a jacked rotator cuff, made it so that I was lucky to be able to take a walk around the block. Which I usually didn’t. Way too boring, and discouraging, for someone who used to jog for 30- 40 minutes in the mornings.

Finally, I said enough of that. A couple of weeks ago I changed my routine. On weekdays, I work out in the evenings or during my lunch hour, when my body is awake enough for me to enjoy it. On weekends, I get it done in the morning when I have had enough sleep and have more time because I don’t have to rush off to work. And I switch it up. Some days I ride the stationary bike, some days I walk around the park, some days I go to hot yoga.

I realized something I had taken for granted from my previous, consistent workout days.

How much better I feel! Forget the mini-skirt ready legs—I ain’t getting there in two weeks, anyway. Not to mention I am still in injury recovery mode, so no high impact, high intensity cardio for me.

But now my appetite is better. I feel more connected to my body. I don’t have that persistent, low-level sense of loneliness and anxiety. I am enjoying life a lot more. I’m talking about the little things, like getting a pedicure and then watching TV on a Friday night, or sitting outside in the sun with a fresh cup of Ethiopian blend coffee, or taking a 20 minute catnap in the afternoon, or just inhaling a long, deep breath.

The cat joins me in a cat nap.

The cat joins me in a cat nap. My elbow makes a good pillow.

It really is no wonder all the doctors and health experts say to eat right and exercise.

Whoop! A good song just came on the radio. Gotta go dance!

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