Week Fourteen: Writing While on Travel, ABC’s New Show Scandal

April 9, 2012 § 5 Comments

April 8, 2012

I took my next Goodreads Challenge book on a business trip and had plenty of time to read—on the plane, during the three-hour car ride. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get into the book and it went straight into the Friends of the Library donation pile when I got home. But I finished the Rolling Stone issue with Bruce Springsteen on the cover, where he talks about the incomparable, late Clarence Clemons, and I relived that time in my tween years when I used to listen to the Born to Run album over and over.

Even during my business trip, I wrote every day. I secured my notes in a CVS folder and tucked the folder safely in my satchel that never left my side, and at night pulled it out the minute I latched the hotel door shut behind me and deposited all my luggage on the floor. I never used to write when I was on a trip, so now I know I’m serious about all of this. I’m still one week behind my planner-inked schedule, but I am on the home stretch. I just keep in mind the advice I’ve gained from Southwest Writers instructor Kirt Hickman: don’t stop to edit, don’t stop to research, don’t stop to find the perfect word, just get it all down.

The new TV show, Scandal, is my new obsession. Created by Shonda Rhimes of  Grey’s Anatomy fame, it premiered last Thursday on ABC and I am totally addicted. The lead character, played by Kerry Washington, is based on real-life crisis manager Judy Smith. This show has everything I love: compelling story; fast-paced action; sharp, witty dialogue; exciting reveals; lovable, distinctive, flawed characters; surprising twists; and themes that dovetail beautifully into the characters’ internal struggle in the resolution. Check it out!!!


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