On the Rooftop

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May 5, 2014

This photo was taken from the rooftop level of the hospital parking garage in downtown Albuquerque. As I was walking to my car, I thought of the scene in Breaking Bad when Gus Fring is striding through the hospital parking garage and gets the feeling something is very wrong. I saw this scene so vividly in my mind it was eerie. And kind of cool. Got me out of my own headspace for a moment in a strangely glorious way.



I’m Going To Be in a Music Video (For a Second or Two)

January 27, 2014 § 2 Comments

January 27, 2014

Dia invited me to a video shoot for a local surf rock band called Pool Party. She texted me: “I recommend  doing your hair / makeup but just plain casual clothes and shoes that are super comfy.”

It turns out that her idea of super comfy shoes is pointy, high-heeled boots, and my idea of super comfy shoes is flat, rubber-soled, round-toed Skechers, but that’s another story.

The video director picked me and Dia to be featured extras—we get to walk in the front door of the house party. This is the first time in I don’t know how long that doing my hair and makeup actually paid off.

It also meant that we got to stand outside on the porch steps in the cold air for most of the night, waiting for our cue. But it was so worth it. Beauty, and a few seconds of fame, are pain.

I just hope my nose doesn’t show red from the cold on film. Regardless, when the video is out, I’ll be posting it here!

The Girls with the Band

Me and the girls and the members of Pool Party.

Breaking Bad Finale Watch Party in Albuquerque

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“Anything really worthwhile is perishable.”—Bryan Cranston

1 BreakingBadFin

Poster on the door to the ballroom of the Breaking Bad finale watch party
at the Hotel Albuquerque.

September 30, 2013

Text from me: Hey, Cyn, r u watching Breaking Bad? Want to go to the finale watch party on Sunday?

Cynthia: Hey Shannon girl you know I’m watching Breaking Bad. Where’s the party???

2 Hotel ABQ

Walking from the street to the Hotel Albuquerque for the Breaking Bad finale watch party.

“This parking lot is full,” said Cynthia as we drove around the lot at Hotel Albuquerque futilely looking for an empty slot. I told her it was because of the watch party, and at first she didn’t believe it. As a lot of L.A. transplants are prone to say, “But this is Albuquerque.”

It’s also the end of Emmy Award-winning Breaking Bad, the show that made its home in Albuquerque, brought in $1 million in direct spending per episode (according to Mayor Richard Berry), and also made the Duke City a main character in the show.

Sticker from the Breaking Bad finale watch party at the Hotel Albuquerque.

Sticker from the Breaking Bad finale watch party at the Hotel Albuquerque.

Inside the hotel, the  ballroom was packed. Cynthia approached a lone woman at a table and asked if all the chairs were taken. She said they were, that she was guarding the camera and video equipment for the rest of the gang, but if we could find some extra chairs we were welcome to share the table.

4 Breaking Bad Crowd

Cynthia, otherwise known as my good luck charm, immediately scored two chairs from various locations, and we parked our behinds at the table. Turns out we were sitting at a “media” table: two of our table mates were reporting and filming for Gov TV and another writes for Steven Michael Quezada’s The After After Party.

The woman who let us sit at her table had the same phone cover as me. How’s that for synchronicity? Some law of chemistry had to be at work here.

The woman who let us sit at her table had the same phone cover as me. How’s that for synchronicity? Some law of chemistry had to be at work here.

We bought our table hostess, and ourselves, some blue drinks. We were going to need liquor to get through the next 75 minutes. Breaking Bad has been such a huge part of our lives. Although we were both late to the game, Cynthia by one season and me by four, we were both instantly and irrevocably hooked on the show from the pilot. It’s like we’re losing a friend. Or several seriously messed up, yet beloved, friends.

Crystal Blue Persuasion Drinks.

Crystal Blue Persuasion Drinks.

Cynthia’s company, C&H Cleaning Solutions, worked for the Breaking Bad production. “Remember when they faked Jesse getting his brains blown out? We had to clean that up.”

Cynthia with Giancarlo Esposito at the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience event in August.

Cynthia with Giancarlo Esposito at the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience event in August.

On the two screens at the front of the ballroom, last week’s repeat episode played. As it concluded, a resounding cheer went up from the crowd because the finale was about to begin. “The energy in here is incredible,” Cynthia said. “I just got goosebumps.”

Throughout the finale, there was plenty of of whooping and hollering. But at the climactic scene that revealed, in all its glory, the fate of the Aryan Brotherhood, I’m pretty sure I was cheering the loudest.

9 Shan and Cyn

Hard to be too sad that the series is ending when the finale was so fantastic.

Our verdict, after it was all over:

Cynthia added, “Vince Gilligan is a genius.”

Here’s the money shot right here.

Here’s the money shot right here.

I was so disoriented and euphoric after the finale that on the drive home, I took the wrong exit. Twice. I blame Cynthia. She’d been reminiscing about how when she first moved here from L.A. she only took the city streets because she was so sick of driving on the freeway.

So the drive home took a little longer than usual, through the back streets of Albuquerque. Fitting conclusion for the night.

I’m pretty sure the after effects of arguably the best drama ever to air on television will last a lot longer.

Stormy Weather in ABQ

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Stormy Weather in ABQ

Happy Hour. Storm of the Century in the Desert. Good Times.

Friday. Happy hour. Was planning to treat my Hot Tub Readers to dinner and drinks as a thank you for being my manuscript beta readers and helping me with my pitch. Totally ignored the NWS warning that beeped on my phone on my way downtown. Little did I know. . . 

  1. Hanging with the Hot Tub Readers @DianaGaiti and V at Apothecary Lounge. pic.twitter.com/ugMeN7Mlg1

    Fri, Jul 26 2013 18:15:00

    One second it was warm with a slight breeze, the next second, and I do mean second, the temperature dropped like twenty degrees. Sure felt like it, anyway.

We took our drinks and hightailed it back inside the bar. Then the power went out.

Cheers. In the dark. Storm shut off the lights. pic.twitter.com/JAFNjVxYiv
And just like that, the city is pummeled with rain. pic.twitter.com/UPUfgd7lDw

Fri, Jul 26 2013 18:36:26

Inside Apothecary Lounge, looking out on rooftop patio where we had been enjoying the view of the city.

Sadly, after serving us a chips and salsa platter free of charge and comping our drinks, they shut down the lounge.

Kicking us out of the bar. Gotta take the stairs down. Four floors. In heels. Nice.

Fri, Jul 26 2013 19:04:53

The Hotel Parq (like many establishments in New Mexico) is rumored to be haunted, and there we were, going down the stairs and through the halls in the dark. It was awesome. Especially when someone came out of their hotel room as we passed by, and V screamed and jumped.

Man. That hurt having to leave my awesome drink at the Apothecary Lounge. But we got the haunted hotel tour on the way to the 1st floor.
NWS: 89 mph wind gust recorded at the Albuquerque, NM Sunport Int’l Airport on Friday was the strongest since 1939 1.usa.gov/16opk47
We sat out the storm in the hotel lobby, listening to sirens and-ahem-checking out the firefighters who came to rescue someone stuck in the elevator.
Pic by Boone Birdsell: Lightning strikes ABQ Friday morning. See more, read about the storm. bit.ly/15kWTox pic.twitter.com/294cFC4abc
Pic of the lighting storm from early Friday morning. This plus the Friday evening storm killed power to businesses and homes all over the city.
Partial power, no cable or internet. Good excuse for a long midday bath while reading another chapter from “Entwined With You.”
Including mine.
No cable or internet, half the house has no power, but there is sunshine. Time to get out for a walk. pic.twitter.com/LAnthz2BIy
All weekend. No swamp cooler. No lights or fans in the bedrooms and bathroom.
The air is sweet with the smell of fresh cut pine trees, downed from the storm.
Just watched the infamous Breaking Bad “Box Cutter” ep. Held on to my neck for a good 2 minutes after THAT scene.
But I still had movies via BluRay and refrigerator. Blessings. Hmm. I put entertainment before food. What does that say about me?
Aftermath: Friday storms felled trees, power lines abqjournal.com/226808/news/as… via @ABQJournal
Over 30,000 people lost power. Even the zoo shut down for a day.
PNM working into the night to get my power back on. @PNMTalk pic.twitter.com/jx08mDe1kS
This was Tuesday night, 5 nights after the storm hit.
I have light in the bathroom again! And I totally just said to the mirror “Hello, gorgeous!” 4 days w/partial power will do that to you.
And I did a happy dance under the blast of the swamp cooler.

So, next Friday?

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