Crashing an Oscar Party and Crying Besides

March 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

March 3, 2014

I remember the conversation like this:

R: So let’s just plan on having Oscar night at my place. I get off work at 5:30, I’ll pick up something to eat, and be at my house by 6:00. Let Vic know.
Me: Okay!

R remembers the conversation more like this:

R: Let me know if you want to come over to my place on Sunday. Otherwise, I won’t pick up anything, I’ll grab a bite to eat at work instead, and I’m putting my pajamas on as soon I get home.

So when I showed up in R’s driveway on Sunday evening with Vic in tow, R opened the front door wearing her snowflake pajamas and yelled, “What are you doing here?!”

I have officially become an Oscar party crasher. It was a good thing I brought the Chinese food.

And the champagne.


After a good laugh and multiple apologies on my part and assurances on my and Vic’s part that it really was okay R was in her PJs, we settled in to watch the Oscars.

Some things we did all agree on:

Bring Ellen DeGeneres back! She classed up the Oscars and made them fun again. Remember the last three years? Exactly. Between taking the adorable selfie that broke Twitter and passing Pharrell’s hat around to pay for the pizza, Ellen really knows how to bring people together for jolly good times.

We are more in love with Jared Leto than ever. After I saw Dallas Buyers Club, he was my favorite for Best Supporting Actor. But when he paid homage to his single mother during his acceptance speech, he elevated himself in our eyes to favorite all around guy period.

All the nominees for Original Song were fantastic. When I saw Frozen in the theater, though, kids really latched onto “Let It Go.” One girl turned to her dad after that respective scene and breathed, “That was so cool!” After the movie was over, I heard another girl singing that song in the restroom.  Something that resonates so immediately with its target audience deserves to win.

Lupita Nyong’o made us cry, and she looked damn good doing it. I was fanning my face before she even started talking, but when she paid tribute to the spirit of Patsey, it was all over for me.

We all wanted 12 Years a Slave to win, but I was pretty sure the fact it was such a difficult movie to watch would not work in its favor. It seems Ellen called it when she said that possibility number one was 12 Years a Slave would win, and possibility number two was that we were all a bunch of racists. When the Best Picture winner was announced, Vic said, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Hell, yes.”

Amen to that.

Catching Up on the Oscar Noms: Double Feature

February 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

February 24, 2014

I am still woefully behind on the Best Picture Nominee viewing, so when I saw that Century Rio 24 was offering a day of Oscar movies, I hopped into my car and drove on over there.


Thanks to this review by Thy Critic Man and this interview with Will Forte on Tavis Smiley, I saw Nebraska first. Don’t let the black and white thing deter you. This is Alexander Payne’s bringing-families-together gold. The scene where Will Forte and Bob Odenkirk steal an air compressor from a barn while their parents look on from the back seat of the car—that scene alone is worth the price of admission.


Then I turned right around and bought my ticket for Captain Phillips. What a change of pace that was. I was twisting my hair between my fingers, shifting in my seat, exhaling, wringing my hands. Whew! That movie is tense. And I cannot believe Tom Hanks didn’t get nominated for that role. I was breathless and shedding tears at his disoriented, raw, vulnerable performance at the end, and I heard plenty of other sniffles and nose-blowings, too.

So I am now two more down, two more movies to go: The Wolf of Wall Street and Her. One week left. Fingers crossed I get it done.

Catching Up on the Oscar Noms: The Just Shoot Me Edition

February 17, 2014 § 1 Comment

February 17, 2014

I had to put my mom’s cat to sleep last week. The remedy, apparently, was to see all the depressing Oscar nominated movies.

A beautiful sky always helps.


Sunday afternoon, movie theater parking lot.

Sunday morning I was cruising Facebook and saw a status update from my friend Martha, saying that the family in August: Osage County was “massively dysfunctional” and that social workers should not see this movie unless they want to take their jobs home with them.  Then I noticed the movie theater she had checked in to, date stamped yesterday.

I immediately commented:

Girl. When were you at High Ridge? I was there yesterday afternoon seeing Philomena!

And afterwards I had driven home in the dark stunned by how depressed I was. I had expected an odd couple road trip dramedy. And it was. But the premise of Philomena searching her whole life for her son who had been forcibly taken from her as penance for her having sex before marriage, that kind of sickened me.

Martha: Went to the 3:45 pm showing. What time did you see Philomena?

Me: 4:30! We just missed each other.

Martha: How was Philomena?

Me: Depressing. We should have met up for drinks after.

We decided the way to rectify this was to meet up at the same theater that afternoon for Dallas Buyers Club.  Yeah, the movie about the cowboy with AIDS. After all, we have to get in as many Oscar nominated movies and performances as we can before the big Sunday.


I’m still torn on my fave so far for Actor in a Leading Role. But for Actor in a Supporting Role, I am now pulling for Jared Leto.

After the credits started rolling on Dallas Buyers Club, Martha turned to me and said, “That was a happy movie compared to August: Osage County.”

I laughed harder than I had laughed all weekend.

Catching Up on the Oscar Noms: My Oscar Playlist Courtesy of “American Hustle”

January 20, 2014 § 2 Comments

January 20, 2014

The 86th Academy Award nominations were announced, and as usual, I had only seen two of the nine best pictures (Gravity and 12 Years a Slave). Time to start catching up before the big awards night on March 2nd.

First up for last Friday night was American Hustle.

“Now that was a kick-butt movie,” said my buddy after we left the theater.

Know what else was great about it? The music! I’m adding more songs to my Oscars playlist, baby.

Dirty Work” by Steely Dan
Man, I’d forgotten about this song. It pretty much sums up the theme of the movie.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John
All together, everybody: “Ahh-ah-ah-ah-ahh.” Yeah, I did do that in the theater. But very, very quietly.

I Feel Love” by Donna Summer
Bring back the discotheque, because tonight I really need to dance. Sure, I can and do head for the bar/local band or DJ scene. But the dance space is always way too tiny, and the clothes not nearly as cool.

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” by the Bee Gees
Considering that I’d seen a man-I-had-history-with in the movie theater lobby, this song is just all-around timeless. I do not remember what was going on in the movie when this song played, but it was fitting, I’m sure. Some kind of montage. Okay, I was a little preoccupied. See the first sentence.

Live and Let Die” by Wings
Now, I do remember what was happening during this song. Who wouldn’t? It’s one of the many reasons Jennifer Lawrence is up for another Oscar this year.

So that’s three down, six Oscar nominated movies to go. Who else has seen American Hustle, and what did you think? Are you ahead of me with the Oscar nom viewings?

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