Hop Hop Hippity Hop

April 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

April 20, 2014

“Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were—
and Peter.”

Page from a Peter Rabbit calendar. I have it taped to the wall of my office.

This is the opening line from The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. I learned to read from the Little Golden Book edition of this story. But it was after hunting down and flipping through the little pages of the original version, written AND illustrated by Beatrix Potter, that I was inspired to start writing.

My copy of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit." As you can see, this is one well- and oft-read book.

My worn, tattered copy of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

This beloved children’s author led the enchanted life. Check out the trailer for this exquisite, under-the-radar biopic, Miss Potter, starring Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. You can see how Potter’s little woodland creatures were very real to her. And they got her through some tough times.

Here’s to the imagination and all of the wonderful life that springs from it.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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