Catching Up on the Oscar Noms: The Just Shoot Me Edition

February 17, 2014 § 1 Comment

February 17, 2014

I had to put my mom’s cat to sleep last week. The remedy, apparently, was to see all the depressing Oscar nominated movies.

A beautiful sky always helps.


Sunday afternoon, movie theater parking lot.

Sunday morning I was cruising Facebook and saw a status update from my friend Martha, saying that the family in August: Osage County was “massively dysfunctional” and that social workers should not see this movie unless they want to take their jobs home with them.  Then I noticed the movie theater she had checked in to, date stamped yesterday.

I immediately commented:

Girl. When were you at High Ridge? I was there yesterday afternoon seeing Philomena!

And afterwards I had driven home in the dark stunned by how depressed I was. I had expected an odd couple road trip dramedy. And it was. But the premise of Philomena searching her whole life for her son who had been forcibly taken from her as penance for her having sex before marriage, that kind of sickened me.

Martha: Went to the 3:45 pm showing. What time did you see Philomena?

Me: 4:30! We just missed each other.

Martha: How was Philomena?

Me: Depressing. We should have met up for drinks after.

We decided the way to rectify this was to meet up at the same theater that afternoon for Dallas Buyers Club.  Yeah, the movie about the cowboy with AIDS. After all, we have to get in as many Oscar nominated movies and performances as we can before the big Sunday.


I’m still torn on my fave so far for Actor in a Leading Role. But for Actor in a Supporting Role, I am now pulling for Jared Leto.

After the credits started rolling on Dallas Buyers Club, Martha turned to me and said, “That was a happy movie compared to August: Osage County.”

I laughed harder than I had laughed all weekend.

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