Free Comic Book Day and the Batmobile at Kaboom Test Labs

May 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Batmobile and Storm Trooper and Vader

What got me out of my writing cave on a Saturday morning? Free Comic Book Day and the Batmobile, of course.


At Kaboom Test Labs, everyone got to pick 3 comics for free from a decent selection in a side room. It’s an opportunity to try out some titles I normally wouldn’t buy. The Lois Lane and the Resistance title intrigued me, because I am a Lois fan, but I’m going to need someone to explain the whole Flashpoint thing to me. I also picked up The Justice League of America #1 (but I am so, so sad that the New Mexico flag covers were sold out), and The Ultimates 2.

Darth Vader at Kaboom

Vader, holding it down

“The Batmobile’s stuck in traffic,” the Kaboom guy said to those of us waiting around, expecting it at ten o’ clock sharp!

“Can’t it just tumble right over all that?” I said.

“It’s the Adam West version, so not yet.”

Can you imagine driving down the street and seeing this? Way cool!

Batmobile long angle

Batmobile front

Batmobile-inside right

Batmobile inside left

Emergency Bat-Turn Lever

Batmobile inside left 2


Love this with the New Mexico plate

Batmobile side

It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Did you take advantage of Free Comic Book Day?

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