The Reading Parties Are Heating Up

May 3, 2013 § 8 Comments

We’ll talk about the hot tub in a minute.

I registered for the RWA2013 conference in July, where I will be pitching my book to agents and editors, and now I am totally freaking out because I don’t know how I am going to get the final draft done in time. Just thinking about it makes my stomach plummet in panic. Getting the scenes right always takes longer than I think it’s going to and I am way behind schedule.

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.


Stocked up at the Chocolate and Coffee Fest in March. Already need to restock.

Now for the hot tub. Last Sunday my critique partner Vic hosted the reading party at her house, and she has a hot tub. Sitting in rippling and toasty warm water while drinking Vodka and ginger ale (if you’re me) and Baileys (if you’re Vic and Dia)—now that’s the way to read through three new chapters.


Vic looking chill, me and Dia pretending we’re in Wild Things

The good news is my next three chapters were well-received by my intrepid reviewers. This must be how directors and TV show producers feel during the audience test screening. My favorite scene reaction sequence:

Vic and Dia: “What?!”
Vic: “Oh, that’s just wrong.”
Dia: “Play on, player.”
Vic and Dia: “Wow.”

Vic said she is really caught up in the story, she can see it, feel it, it’s like she’s there.

Dia said the story is real, relatable, hilarious, and that she feels like my main character’s friend.

“She kind of reminds me of you.”

To which I replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

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