Reading Party, St. Patrick’s Day Edition

March 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Green shirts, green beads, and green pens. That’s right, this Sunday was the St. Patrick’s Day Reading Party.


“Why don’t you people understand my character’s motivations?”


I’m being a tad dramatic. Just a tad.

In all seriousness, there was a fork in the road moment in chapter 2 where my critique partners said they wanted to see my character go the other way “because it will be fun.” Fun, maybe, but not the point of the story, nor the lesson she needs to learn. Nor something my character would actually do. This discussion did alert me to the fact that I need to more clearly illustrate why my character didn’t take that path. So it’s all good.

“You sure had us laughing.”


SCORE! The two scenes that had Dia and Vic laughing the hardest were the scenes where my protagonist is dealing with her opposition. Making my “villains” fun to read is part of my mission in life.

“So, Dia, when J. said ‘crazy’ did he mean like, the fun crazy?”
“No. When he said ‘crazy’ he meant like, cray-cray.”


Lots of stuff happened in chapters 2 and 3 that had my audience going “what are you throwing at us next?” I spent a week and a half just reworking these chapters and combining scenes so that they weren’t too long, and sometimes I felt like I was going to be stuck in the “Refusal of the Call” stage of the hero’s journey forever. I was starting to get sick of these chapters, but after reading them out loud, my audience declared that they were not too long at all.

The work was well worth it.

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