Why I’ve Been Incommunicado Lately

February 22, 2013 § 4 Comments


After midnight, during the first snow and ice storm of the year, I picked my mom up from the emergency room. A walker, a wheelchair, two and a half bottles of Vicodin, and a month’s worth of doctor’s visits and tests later, she was diagnosed with a hip fracture. She just underwent surgery and the hip replacement went well. The nightmarish month of missing work and taking her to the runaround of appointments and helplessly witnessing her misery and incapacitation (she dropped twelve pounds because she was in too much pain to eat) is finally over.

Through all this I managed to keep writing. No matter how tired or upset I was, I stuck to it, an hour every day. Retreating to the trials and tribulations of my characters was cathartic, and it saved my life. Everything else went by the wayside, however. Housework. Reading. Socializing. Blogging. But now, Mom’s in a rehabilitation facility, reading the copy of First Grave on the Right that I lent her, and I am back.

Holy Cats

Holy cats! I’m still taking care of my mom’s cats (the two on the right) and they’re a furry handful. They’re going to have a blast at my Oscar party this Sunday. Ha ha!

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