Happy Trails to Atlanta, Dear Friend

December 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

My friend T announced that she was moving to Atlanta, GA in three weeks, and a bizarre series of mishaps prevented us from having a proper farewell before she left. You know, a farewell that involves a trendy restaurant and fancy food and red wine and tipsy tears. This is, after all, my Tumbler Tour friend, my Dark Knight Rises friend, my helped me buy a new laptop and “meet me in the wine aisle” friend.


Then, on the morning she left town, destiny, the universe, God smiled upon us.

Text from T: What time do u go to work?
Me: I was thinking I can drop by on my way. What room you in?
T: We will be at my house.
Text from me before I backed out of my driveway: OMW.

As I was driving, I peeked at my phone. Blinking voicemail from T. I scrambled to power on and put on my Bluetooth. Why do I never remember to put this on before I start driving? Her message said she’s not at the house. Her morning is getting complicated already. She has to pick up her parents. I dialed her number.

Me: “Where are you?”
T: “On my way to pick up my parents at the hotel.”
Me: “I’m driving by the hotel now.”
T: “Meet me there!”

I pulled a quick U-ey. Good thing post Christmas traffic was light.

I parked in the hotel parking lot and waited. A few minutes later T wheeled in. She looked fabulous in her burnt orange pea coat.

“I have to rush and get my parents,” she said. “Here’s your present.” A late Christmas present of Trader Joe’s cabernet sauvignon, of course. In commemoration.

No time for tears. Well, maybe for misty eyes. And definitely for hugs and kisses.


T and Me at Sandiago’s Mexican Grill, August 2012

“I will see you in July,” I said. Why? Because the 2013 RWA conference is in Atlanta in July. How’s that for crazy synchronicity?

Then she was off to get her parents and I was off to work. And my stomach stopped hurting.

Here’s to you, dear traveling friend. Until we meet again, in or out of the wine aisle.

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