Happy Trails to Atlanta, Dear Friend

December 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

My friend T announced that she was moving to Atlanta, GA in three weeks, and a bizarre series of mishaps prevented us from having a proper farewell before she left. You know, a farewell that involves a trendy restaurant and fancy food and red wine and tipsy tears. This is, after all, my Tumbler Tour friend, my Dark Knight Rises friend, my helped me buy a new laptop and “meet me in the wine aisle” friend.


Then, on the morning she left town, destiny, the universe, God smiled upon us.

Text from T: What time do u go to work?
Me: I was thinking I can drop by on my way. What room you in?
T: We will be at my house.
Text from me before I backed out of my driveway: OMW.

As I was driving, I peeked at my phone. Blinking voicemail from T. I scrambled to power on and put on my Bluetooth. Why do I never remember to put this on before I start driving? Her message said she’s not at the house. Her morning is getting complicated already. She has to pick up her parents. I dialed her number.

Me: “Where are you?”
T: “On my way to pick up my parents at the hotel.”
Me: “I’m driving by the hotel now.”
T: “Meet me there!”

I pulled a quick U-ey. Good thing post Christmas traffic was light.

I parked in the hotel parking lot and waited. A few minutes later T wheeled in. She looked fabulous in her burnt orange pea coat.

“I have to rush and get my parents,” she said. “Here’s your present.” A late Christmas present of Trader Joe’s cabernet sauvignon, of course. In commemoration.

No time for tears. Well, maybe for misty eyes. And definitely for hugs and kisses.


T and Me at Sandiago’s Mexican Grill, August 2012

“I will see you in July,” I said. Why? Because the 2013 RWA conference is in Atlanta in July. How’s that for crazy synchronicity?

Then she was off to get her parents and I was off to work. And my stomach stopped hurting.

Here’s to you, dear traveling friend. Until we meet again, in or out of the wine aisle.

The Chaperone and Shuffle Along

December 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

Actress Louise Brooks in 1927, wearing bobbed ...

Actress Louise Brooks in 1927, wearing bobbed hair under a cloche hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m reading The Chaperone, a historical fiction novel inspired by 1920’s “It” girl Louise Brooks. I love the twenties: bobbed hair, flapper dresses, cloches, bootleg, and jazz. And of course the shift in attitudes and expressive styles of women. This is the line from the jacket description that clinched me adding this book to my Goodreads shelf:

“Cora’s eyes are opened to the promise of the twentieth century and a new understanding of the possibilities for being fully alive.”


In the book there is a scene where Cora and Louise go to the 63rd Street Music Hall to see Shuffle Along. This was an all-black musical show that played on Broadway from 1921–1922.  I was intrigued, never having heard of this show. I did a little Google search and found this article published earlier this year, on the New York Public Library website. Despite playing at a time when theaters were still segregated, this show was attended by both black and white audiences. According to this article, “Shuffle Along, . . . more than any other show, began dismantling racial segregation of Broadway theaters.”

You can download a digital file of the Shuffle Along manuscript from NYPL.

Book Review on Goodreads: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

December 7, 2012 § 3 Comments

My short and sweet review of The Perks of Being a Wallflower is on Goodreads. Read it here:


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