Week 38: Navigation Woes, Cheza Jouer Filming Day 3

September 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

September 22, 2012

Nothing like fresh grapes after an interview filming.

On Saturday I was driving to meet the Cheza Jouer gang for the next interview shoot for the documentary on Mau Mau freedom fighters in Kenya. I entered the address Dia had given me on Google Maps on my BlackBerry. I arrived exactly where the dot said and I couldn’t find the house. I called Dia. “Where are you?” When I told her, she said, “Oh, no, the Google map has you in kukamunga.” I was in the far southwest end of town, and I was supposed to be in the far northwest end of town, thirteen miles away. When I finally got there after almost an hour and a half of driving, come to find out homegirl inadvertently gave me the wrong address! A bit of advice for when you are going to an address you don’t know: always ask for the nearest cross streets. Then you at least know which end of town you are supposed to be in.

GPS only works when you have the right address!

Ah, vodka . . .

The interview with Marcus Ray was amazing. I was riveted listening to him talk about the history of colonialism in East Africa and the military tactics used by the British and the Mau Mau fighters.

Cheza Jouer Gang, Day 3, Marcus Ray Interview

Check out Cheza Jouer’s website and Facebook page.


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