Week Thirty-Six: I Buy a New Laptop and Listen to Taylor Swift Songs

September 11, 2012 § 6 Comments

View from my kitchen window while working on my new laptop.

A few weeks ago I announced that I was taking some time off from the novel rewrites. I’m still convincing myself that this was a good idea. A few nights of panic attacks brought serious doubts to my decision. The kind of panic attacks where I’m trying to drift off to sleep and my heart races while my voice repeats in my head, over and over, “Why is this taking so long? I have been working on this for eight months and it’s still not done. What is wrong with me? WHAT AM I DOING?”

On the other hand, because of this break, I have been able to take care of some long overdue business. Like replacing my 6-year-old iBook laptop with something that doesn’t freeze every time I try to link to a page in my blog post.

My old iBook. Oh, it’s served me well all these years!

I asked my friend to meet me at the Apple store on Friday after work. I needed shopping support. While I waited for her to arrive, I compared the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro. I had pretty much decided on the Air because it is lightweight and easy to stash in my D&B satchel and take with me to my job so that I can work on my writing during my lunch break. Then I saw the iMac. The beautiful, sexy iMac, endowed with the slick 21.5-inch screen.

“Help!” I said when my friend T arrived with her daughter. “I can’t decide.”

After following me back and forth between the laptop and the computer table and listening to me babble, T broke it down for me.

“Think of this like it’s a man,” she said.  “You’re attracted to the iMac, because it’s big and gorgeous, but the laptop will be more practical. The laptop will suit your needs because you can take it with you everywhere. I see you bonding with your laptop, whereas the computer will soon make you feel tied down. Just like the wrong man would.”

This is why you ask your friends to go shopping with you.

My New MacBook Air

Fifteen hundred dollars later, and with my Air, SuperDrive, and slim case tucked in a bag slung over my shoulder, I walked with my shopping buddies out of the Apple store and into the pouring rain. I’m sure this is symbolic somehow. Water symbolizes transformation, I think. Hero transforms from someone who doesn’t take the time and money to equip herself with the right stuff to someone who gets herself exactly what she needs.

T had an extra MS Office license so we decided to get snacks and spirits to fortify ourselves for the software installation. “Meet me in the wine section,” I texted when I got to Trader Joe’s. “Those are the best words anyone’s said to me all week,” she said when she arrived.

After we got to her place, however, she remembered that she had lent the disc to her friend. So, instead, we ate and drank and listened to her daughter’s Taylor Swift CDs. I found Swift’s latest single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on iTunes and played it for T because it is my new favorite song in the whole world.

I hopped on T’s wireless and published my Friday blog post before Friday was over, and did it with lightning speed, on my new MacBook Air.

Deep conversation occurs towards midnight after two bottles of wine. This is how I know I’m truly a writer. T was telling me about somebody from her past and I, in true “Ooh! Ooh!” Arnold Horshack style, (RIP, Ron Palillo) said, “She was your Mentor who was also a Shapeshifter.” Straight from The Writer’s Journey, which I have been reading every day since I started my rewrite break. I’ve been doing my homework.

Love It!

I got the MS software from T later in the weekend, installed it, and I am in the process of transferring six years’ worth of files, photos, and music over from my old computer to my new one. What with that and the homework, I guess it’s a good thing I’m taking a break from rewrites. Even though it is already September.

Suddenly . . . I can’t breathe  . . .

How about you? Anybody besides me freaking out that the year is already more than halfway over? Do you stress out over buying computers?

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