Book Review: Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane (Deep in the Heart of Texas, #1)

September 3, 2012 § 8 Comments

I enjoyed Going Cowboy Crazy a lot more than I thought I would. I’m not exactly a boot-scootin’, beer-drinking, rodeo-going kind of gal, and my taste in country music pretty much ends after The Dixie Chicks. But I sure liked this book, with city-girl Faith who shared my sensibilities about trucks with gun racks and the use of hand sanitizer, and truck-driving football coach Slate who’s fallen for the city girl even though she keeps trying to kill his dog with kindness.

Faith Aldridge, a computer geek from Chicago, arrives in small town Bramble, Texas to find her long lost twin sister, Hope. When Faith goes to the locals’ favorite bar, everyone thinks she is Hope. Even Hope’s ex-boyfriend, Slate Calhoun, is fooled at first. But Faith’s touch ignites Slate in a way that his ex-girlfriend’s never did, and soon Slate is doing everything he can to get Faith into his bed. Faith is on a mission to find her sister, though, and nobody seems to know how to get in touch with her. Meanwhile, the townsfolk are certain that Faith really is Hope, and they do everything they can to keep Faith in Bramble so she and Slate can re-connect. Problem is, Faith is already falling for her sister’s ex, even though she knows she is setting herself up for heartbreak.

Katie Lane’s writing style is tight, the dialogue is pitch-perfect, and descriptions are sharp and colorful. She alternates between Faith’s and Slate’s point of view and the transitions are smooth. Both voices are equally enjoyable:

. . . she reached over and turned on the radio. A twanging male voice came on singing some country song about sweet tea and bad directions. She changed channels. She’d had enough twanging voices to last a lifetime.

and relatable:

There were times when Slate considered moving to a bigger town. One where people kept their nose to the grindstone instead of up their neighbor’s ass. This was one of those times.

I had a great time in Bramble, Texas, with Faith trying to find her way and Slate struggling to keep his temper in check under a charming smile. I even got a kick out of the antics of the conflicted, crazy, sometimes infuriating supporting characters. And I really enjoyed all that steamy sex on the front seat of the truck and on the couch in the trailer and on the kitchen counter and, well, you get the picture. Fortunately, the Deep in the Heart of Texas series continues with three more books, so I’ll get to visit again real soon.

Deep in the Heart of Texas #2

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