Five Favorite Things about Grimm, Ep 203: Bad Moon Rising

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

“There are some things about your family you don’t even tell your closest friends.”

Yeah, that mating ritual consummation stuff was creepy. Seriously. Minor spoilers ahead.

Favorite Conflict

Hank freaking out at the therapist’s office is what I imagine a returning soldier might go through. Hank’s only there because the symptoms have gotten so bad, and he’s struggling to stay in control as he tells some stranger his problems. Then he loses it and goes into attack mode, and the therapist tries to pretend she’s not totally freaked out by her own patient.

Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC) via KSiteTV

Favorite Little Moment

Monroe is at the hospital trying to jog Juliette’s memory and she asks, “How do you know Nick?” Monroe’s eyes practically pop out of his head as it dawns on him that he can’t really explain that. “Oh—uh . . .” He’s got nothing.

Favorite Character Reveal
After hearing how the crazy Coyotl ritual is supposed to go down, Nick heads toward the door to avert an atrocity. Monroe asks, “Don’t you want to hear how it went with Juliette?” Nick stops, impatient, knowing what the answer is before he asks the question. “Does she remember me?” “No,” Monroe admits, and Nick covers his disappointment by saying “I have to find this girl.” The man is great at compartmentalizing for the greater good.

David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC) via KSiteTV

Favorite Quote

Nick: “It’s sort of a family problem.”

Favorite Links

Grimm viewers, what did you think of “Bad Moon Rising”?


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