Week Twenty-Five: Reading Fated, Watching Vietnam War Movies, Birds of Prey

June 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

June 24th, 2012

I finished reading Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra by George Jacobs. Fascinating stories and insights into the personalities and characters of famous entertainment and political icons. Frank Sinatra could be kind and generous one minute, and hysterical and vindictive the next, resulting in destroyed relationships with people who loved him.

I started reading Fated by Alyson Noël. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl who starts having terrifying, debilitating hallucinations and gets sent to live with her grandmother in a small town next to an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. I just love it so far, and it has a very different vibe from everything I’ve read in the YA paranormal genre so far.

I accepted the fact that one of the main characters in my story would have been in the Vietnam War. I could easily have gone through my whole life not having to study this horrific event but it can’t be helped: my guy turned 18 and joined the army in 1967. So here I am Netflixing Vietnam War movies. Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Born on the Fourth of July, why must I do this to myself? I started with The Deer Hunter, which is 3 hours long! Way to dive in. Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage, all so young and baby-faced. I got through it on a Friday night, aided by some glasses of wine. One thing I know from watching that movie—besides how grateful I am to be alive and have the life I have—I cannot put my guy through a prisoner of war experience. Even though he’s the antagonist and you’re supposed to put your characters through hell, I cannot do that to him. It’ll have to be something else. I’m sure to get some ideas from Bloods: Black Veterans of the Vietnam War that I special-ordered on Saturday from Barnes & Noble. Mom recommended it—she read an excerpt from it in a Rolling Stone magazine many years ago and what she read stuck with her. I’d better stay stocked up on liquor for awhile.

Ashley Scott as the Huntress in the WB's B.O.P.

Ashley Scott as the Huntress in the WB’s B.O.P. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finished watching my DVD set of Birds of Prey. Now I can see so many things that should have been done differently with it. The stories had dark content that should have been conveyed with a dark tone to match. When it was on the air, though, it meant so much to me to see a trio of women in a true sisterhood, after I had been stabbed in the back by someone whom I had thought was my best friend. I was inspired by Oracle doing pull-ups above her wheelchair when I was recovering from surgery and struggling to just do a simple yoga stretch. And Huntress was a girl with “abandoned by Daddy issues,” and I was totally feeling homegirl on that one. The DVD set also contains an unaired pilot with Sherilyn Fenn playing Dr. Harleen Quinzel instead of Mia Sara. I think Sherilyn Fenn have made a kick ass Harley Quinn.

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§ 2 Responses to Week Twenty-Five: Reading Fated, Watching Vietnam War Movies, Birds of Prey

  • Emma says:

    The cover for Fated is lovely.
    I can recommend a film for you called Dogfight starring River Phoenix. Its set a couple of days before 4 Marines ship out for Vietnam and it shows the bonding of soldiers and how they had no idea how bad Vietnam was going to be. There’s some great 60s music in it too and Phoenix’s character is 18 or 19 so the guy in your story might be able to relate.

    • Shannon says:

      I love the cover to Fated, too.
      Thank you for the recommendation! I am going to go Netflix it now. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it–I love River Phoenix, rest his soul.

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