Week Thirteen: Shot to Hell and LOL

April 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

April 1, 2012

Reading While Under the Weather

I read two books in two days! But that was because I was home sick from work for two days. Propped up on pillows and swaddled in throws in the corner of my couch by the window—boy, was my cat happy—I read between naps. Someday, I’m going to take a day to do nothing but read when I’m actually feeling well. Someday. I hadn’t had a chance to pick up the next in the Hunger Games trilogy so I read books 3 and  4 of the Vampire Diaries series: The Fury and Dark Reunion. There is nothing quite like reading about dire forewarning nightmares of visions from hell and bloody attacks on teenage girls while your head is pounding as if a sledgehammer is inside your skull.

I blew my March 31 deadline all to hell, thanks to being sick. It’s good to have goals, though. So what if I’m a week behind? What’s one more week? It’s just one more week of my life that’s slipping away . . . . Enough of that. I have a revised schedule to stick to. That I’m already one day behind on.

My friend’s short film, Not OnBoard, was selected to be part of the Laugh Out Loud Friends of Film Funny Film Fest at the Guild Cinema. I attended on Saturday with the producers and actors and was I biased in my voting? Of course I was, but this short, written and directed by Belle Allen, is hilarious. The film fest after party was held at a new restaurant in Nob Hill, Albuquerque, called Zacatecas, the perfect spot for us artsy types: “When I moved to L.A. I became one of those L.A. a–holes,” one of the filmmakers joked about his no cheese, no carbs, no refined sugar diet.  (For those of you in ABQ, I highly recommend the Red Chile Honey Salmon and grilled vegetables dish; I’m easing up on fried foods, since swimsuit season is fast approaching.) The best part about hanging out with people in the film industry, besides the cool factor, of course, is talking to and exchanging information with other creative types who understand things like writing until you can’t hold your head up anymore and getting super excited about comic books and watching the same movies multiple times and scraping together your own money to see your creative vision through and redoing something over and over until it is just right.

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