Week Eight: Dragons, Doodling, and Drama

February 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

February 26, 2012

So, okay, I did NOT finish Third Grave Dead Ahead as I had dearly hoped I would. This weekend was a bit crazy. Next week for sure! I did delve into my perpetually piling up stack of Rolling Stone mags and read a little gem of an article about Christopher Paolini, the young author of the Inheritance fantasy series. I might just have to check out these books about a boy and his dragon. When I was in high school, I loved the book Dragonsong, about a girl and her dragon. Has anyone read the Inheritance series? What did you think??

It’s a good thing I attended the Script and Screen conference this Saturday, because I am seriously bogged down in my novel’s return/resolution and need some serious help. I had to resort to a timeline! “2nd week of April, hero does this.” Not my favorite thing to do. Darynda Jones loves plotting. Janet Evanovich loves plotting. I do not love plotting. I like to come up with characters and their crises and grope for plot later. I am now groping for plot later. Not a good time.

Viola Davis, Nominee for Best Actress

On Saturday I attended the day-long Southwest Writers Script and Screen Conference. It  was fantastic and I will post more about it this week. I learned a lot about character arc and the three act structure and how the goal is the driving force of the story. I could have listened to Doug Eboch (writer of Sweet Home Alabama) discuss want vs. need in movies all day. Inspired by his talk, I added Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, Little Miss Sunshine, and Almost Famous to my “watch this again!” list. Speaking of the movies, the  84th Academy Awards show was on last night, and it had to be one of the most boring Academy Awards shows EVER. Billy Crystal and his “seven cupcakes” dig at Jonah Hill left a bad taste in my mouth. Viola Davis was robbed, robbed, I say. On the positive side, Octavia Spencer’s and Cameron Diaz’ dresses were just gorgeous, and I now really want to see My Week with Marilyn and The Muppets.

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