Week Seven: Reapers, Rewrites, and Revisiting Comics

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

February 19, 2012

If I had my way, I’d read Third Grave Dead Ahead in one weekend. Drat things like work, exercise, laundry, the list goes on. At least I got to end each day reading another chapter in this hilarious, sexy, exciting book about a grim reaper with a day job as a PI, who is hunting down a doctor’s missing wife while being haunted by the son of Satan. Literally. I am more than halfway through and will hopefully finish it this week. Then I will be four down on my Goodreads challenge!

I finished and posted my book review of The Vampire Diaries #2, The Struggle. The rest of the week I spent transcribing novel notes, some if which are just absolutely awful. Trying not to cringe while typing, I consoled myself with writer Kirt Hickman’s advice: do not self-edit the first time you’re writing a scene, because the editing comes with the rewrites. Yeah, there will be some serious editing happening with these rewrites.

I have been wanting to check out Tall Tale Comics for awhile now, since the owner is the promoter and sponsor of the Albuquerque Comic Con I attended back in January. Last week, I finally took the dive back into the world of comic books. Even though I did not find any of the old Teen Titan comics I loved as a teenager, I got to commiserate with the very helpful clerk about how I had never gotten over losing them. The Tall Tales clerk also explained to me about the reset/reboot of 52 new comic series from DC, the New 52s, and that Birds of Prey the comics are a bit different from Birds of Prey the short-lived TV show on the CW that I had gotten hooked on a few years ago. I am still pretty confused about the multiple versions and origins of Huntress/Helena, but I picked up the most recent Huntress issues anyway. I also threw in the latest Wonder Woman (she’s back in the hot pants!) and Green Arrow. To cap it off, on Sunday I watched the premiere of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men on AMC. My reaction was mixed. While I enjoyed the witty banter, I ended up feeling sorry for some of the ridiculed “customers” and couldn’t help but notice that the only non-white cast member appears to be the whipping boy. I learned nothing about the current comic book scene, so I doubt that I will continue watching the show. Instead, I will just go to my local comic book store, hang out at the counter, talk to a real guy, and get all the latest info on the comic world happs.

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